Natural End

14 Jul

Little ducklings swim behind,
In a single file line,
Little mother mallard duck,
But they’re running out of luck.
There were six and then just five.
Must be hard to stay alive.
For with every passing day,
One more duckling goes away.
There were five and then just four.
The other ones are seen no more.
So then in a shorter line,
Swim the ducklings from behind.
There were four and then just three.
But no trace that one could see.
Not a whisper of their song.
They’ve just vanished, simply gone.
There were three and then just two.
What’s a mother duck to do?
Mother Nature is so cruel,
Knows no right, nor wrong, nor rule.
There were two and then just one.
But they never can outrun,
Mother Nature, who’s so kind,
She left one duckling behind.

Things they tell women – Don’t get raped.

14 Jul

There’s no such thing,
As just being friendly.
Don’t make eye contact.
Don’t smile.
Don’t say hello.
Don’t be pleasant.
If you look at him,
If you smile,
If you talk,
If you pay him,
Even the slightest attention,
You’re going to get yourself raped.
And you’ll deserve it.

honey darling

12 Jul

I suppose I love Jesus
but I drink a little
(more than I should
hush, don’t tell
let a broken girl have her vices,
Honey Darling)
I miss what we were
when you were my savior
and I the flaxen-haired damsel
crumpled in the corner of a dirty apartment
your arms took a familiar role
rescuer, protector
cleaning the dirt off my teary-eyed face
until I tried to tell you
my feet were steady again
and you realized you’d be caught
if you let yourself fall
so you fell
my arms are so tired now
catching you each night
as you stumble over our threshold
your hands falling heavy to the floor
(they’ve forgotten the shape of me by now)
But vodka still knows my tender curves
so let a girl have her affections
where they come

Awesome Sauce

11 Jul

Dedicated to the Oatmeal, and to my good friend, Claudia.

That awesome sauce.
The red hot cock.
That spicy blood red,
Money shot.
Just shake it.
Make it squirt,
And spurt,
Delicious pain,
That hurts so good.
You want sriracha?
Yeah, I gotcha.
It works so well,
On the majority.
Respect the red hot,
Cock’s authority.


7 Jul

Silhouettes cling

To my ankles

Like Icarus’ singed wings

The sun is repulsed

By my company and so

Seldom do we meet

That I cannot imagine

My life in her presence


Shallow graves smile

In my wake

But there are none

Who could occupy

Long these impressions

My path is without parallel

And I, being from

Another world entirely,

Can find no relation

In this one


26 Jun

Oh, literally.
People use you,
Far too liberally.
And often so,
That you’ve become,
A parody.
Though obviously,
Not literally.

Little Bird Little Fish

23 Jun

Tiny little birdie,
Fallen from the elder tree.
Oh, come and see!
The little bird,
The dog just found,
Beneath the tree.
Tiny little birdie,
Go fly away! Be free!

Tiny little fishy,
Caught from the shiny sea.
Oh, come and see!
The little fish,
The boy just pulled,
Out of the sea.
Not so tiny fishy,
You were quite delishy.


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