September In The Rain

The noise arrives first, vibrating the sliding glass door in its track.

Then the chipped red metal and knobby, grass-covered wheels appear from behind a tree.

The lawnmower man is outside singing September In The Rain above his machine’s thunderings.

He has the gait of purpose and without a moment’s hesitation pushes deliberately around each mud encircled tree, clipping every last blade of grass along the dirty edges.

Atop his smooth dark head, a transparent yellow visor is worn backward and upside-down as if nothing could be less important.

It’s a mere nod to local fashion.

But, possibly, a badge of pride or honor.

With a glance upward, his gleaming eyes assert as much.

And then he is gone from sight, becoming nothing more than a lingering noise in the distance.


3 thoughts on “September In The Rain

  1. Yes! Fabulous, you got a gem here and you know it! It’s very good, whimsical, clear…lifting off the page…has me dashing to the window to try and catch a glimpse…chock full of personality, very nice indeed!

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