Stilettos on Wet Grass

Loud motor sound,

Feet walking
backward into view
through thick wet grass

Red sweatshirt, fur-lined hood
pulled over forehead to nose,
the lawnmower lady works it
like a runway model
with precision-crafted guns

I glance down, and
she up

Our eyes lock combatively
with the force of Iron Shield
to missiles launched

I, Israel
She, Hezbollah

Me, on high
Her, in the trenches

Until the passing comes, and
she moves off my
sliding-glass radar screen

Motor noise lingers, and
then cascades away
over distant lawns of
grudges never forgotten



14 thoughts on “Stilettos on Wet Grass

    1. Oh, I know what you mean. Apartment life is often unfriendly and strange. The photo was shot in Beaverton, Oregon. A land dominated by highways, intersections, cars, and strip malls.

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