harmonic validation

a pair of jeans
yesterday’s twenty dollars in the pocket
money saved for silence
constantly checking for word
or remark on writing
to validate thought
that is in danger of falling
into a precipice
entwined in beautiful
newly-discovered melodies
finally moving fast enough to hear them
smooth enough to wear satin
harmonies pour from the hole
in my chest
where the green box cutter went through
my sternum
but hoped for


4 thoughts on “harmonic validation

    1. I thought you would appreciate that. I wrote this the day the internet was finally fast enough to listen to that Pandora station ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Be careful with that box cutter, you might shred the Constitution. Imagined? Hoped for. A magic trick pulled off a smooth as satin. So clearly you’ve made something that I’d like to steal. No Lying. No Lion. No.

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