Through the Foliage of a Heart

I wish to have friends that are family
Not these passive people who don’t connect.
These moments when sadness supercedes simple
… momentum. Wondering why being present for others
Became too much for some, I sought advice
From my heart, a bhodi tree made of light.

How do I find good people?
Only the good will find you.
What of all those unwilling to connect with me?
Let them pass as if you were a stone in a stream.
How come ugly people have boyfriends?
Who is to say they are not suffering?
How do I know when I’m trying too hard to hold onto someone?
As soon as you try to hold on at all.


3 thoughts on “Through the Foliage of a Heart

  1. It seems like your heart has some good ideas. Hold out just a little longer. And open your heart to real, open, honest relationships with everyone you meet. You’re bound to stumble into someone else who is real and open eventually!! (not that you were looking for more advice ;-))

    Nice poem. Can definitely identify with all of the sentiments expressed!

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