In Love with Springs

Tim Tim the butcher,
a man who knows flesh and bone,
builds from lonely despair
a base plaything to fill his empty.

Tucked between pub and laundrette,
Tim Tim’s meat shop is empty
as the Vegan Uprising flares.

His sales fall to zero;
his stock rots on the vine;
his lady butcher clears out
with a sly vendor of the
non-dairy frozen yogurt.

There is little left now for TT,
but his tools and invention.

So he slices the metal
like juiceless roast beef
into shapely curves;
twisting useless skewers
into high-tension springs;
and inserting meat injectors
for sensual body cavities.

TT is learning to speak Machine,
learning to love bloodless flesh
with new caresses and kisses;
all slick and hard, not smooth;
all tingly and dense, not wet.

TT adds voice to plaything’s throat,
thin spinning copper disks
perforated with simple song patterns:

I ting ting ting
You love the Springs
I ting ting too
I love the you

I ting ting tong
You love my song
I ting ting ting
Please love my Springs.


13 thoughts on “In Love with Springs

  1. Neat piece. I love the folksy story telling feeling mixed with the poetry aspect mixed with a slight social commentary on an ever shifting world…

    1. Thanks, Jessica! You’re sweet. I think it could also be read as the lady butcher running off with a machine that vends frozen yogurt. ?! Funnier maybe, and that would also point to Tim Tim’s motivation to build his own machine.

  2. spring time is smiling time, love your sunshine words.


    How have you been?

    I have been sick last week, sorry for missing some of your potluck entries.
    Hope to see you join our poetry potluck week 36 today!

    Week 36 Theme is sketches, images, and impressions,
    But you are NOT required to submit theme fitting pieces, old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome…

    Looking forward to reading you again.


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