Our First Face to Face


I’m sleeping

it off, all these
broken heartbeats.

They weren’t here
before you left
and right to go.

You said you loved
to watch me sleep.

“It’s the
she said,
it’s the
in and out
and in.”

Polished night sky,
expressive of our
impulsive night deeds,
assisted the cultivation
of self-
less second meetings

From the Snell Hall

up the glass

to the KBVR TV/FM

at the end of the

I walked as in a dream,

flashing forward
foretelling future

of love,

of help-
ing hands,

of your giving

it’s true.

I began as shining

of mysterious name
floating in the air
from friendly lips.

My reputation
preceded me
through the corridors
and to your open ears.

Once we met face to face

in dark,
expressive shots
in silent,
emotive glances

over my bicycle
at your doorway

we bounced in and out
of Lost Highways and
I became your
mission mandated

between coffee-and-gin-fueled
of repeated weather reports
from endless TV news cycles.

Our first face to face
was dark, and
our last was darker


20 thoughts on “Our First Face to Face

  1. I liked “broken heartbeats” immediately, something phrased just a little differently. I also liked the way this one flowed and unfolded – very easy to follow and imagine. And how you returned to that idea of face-to-face at the end.


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