Pieces of my heart
Choosing a side
Burning each other’s camps
Pillaging what’s left
Raping the innocent
Taking prisoners
I want to take the soldiers of tin
And line them up in clean, orderly rows
But I can’t catch them
Defecting from one side to another
Marrying the daughters of the enemy
And all that is left
Pregnant families
None of which will work
But I don’t have the heart to break them
So there they lie
Conflict overcomplicated
In me


11 thoughts on “defecting

  1. I have to agree with mindlovemisery, this truly is good poetry — the kind that stabs hearts and minds. It combines the actual and the metaphorical in perfect balance.

  2. Enjoy your poetry – the setting seemed to go back in the 17-18th century when there were wars and battles. Had some thoughts –
    Conflict.Dilemma.Decisions.Changes – go hand in hand.
    Conflict happens when one cares about others and not just think about yourself.
    If there was only single dimensional thoughts, there will be minimal conflicts.

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