Player Two has Entered the Game

Monkey. Monkey.

You are so —
riding my bike.

How you slap
those buttons?
Your leathery
digits snap ’em.

Safari ride!
Blue bells ring!

Put your brown
coconut helmut

Strap it down.
Clench your pointy

In the
freestyle jungle,
it’s ape
eat ape
on this

How I love

Player two has left
the game.

Written for Bluebell’s Short Story Slam 7:


17 thoughts on “Player Two has Entered the Game

  1. I have replied to your hugely ignorant comment on my post. I feel you should read it.

    Maybe you can pass a more accurate comment wheb your family are in danger and you are powerless to help due to being thousands of miles away. Disappointed. Please learn more about those you pass comment on before making assumptions.

    1. Absolutely, I agree. I will strive to get to know you better, if you’ll let me. But you are taking a hypocritical stance when it comes to making snap judgements. Please see your silly comment about the current British PM. I do not like nor dislike him, but it seems likely that you don’t know much about him, and yet you judged him anyway. So, using your own meter stick, you should hold such comments until you know him better, no matter how unlikely that may be. In the end, you were criticizing him in your shallow commentary for being on holiday while the riots are happening, and you yourself are “Holidaying”. I just thought that needed to be pointed out.

      1. This is referring to the exchange on my blog, I respectfully chose not to publish the comment on my blog as it is entitled respectandacceptance, I didnt feel this was in line with that. I appreciated the comments from both of you RebeccaEll and Kshawn. Two talented poets, we’re a community ourselves on here, lets continue to build and move on from this. By the way I am a fan of both your work and feel I can learn a lot from both of you

  2. now as for your poem, lol….Excellent, I’m thoroughly impressed as I am by all your work. I love the title of the piece and in turn the way you have ended it. Definately got skills

  3. This reminded me of a childhood love of mine…Zippy the Monkey. He was my prized possession until my younger brother decided to drown him in our pool.

    I’m so glad you found my blog because now I get to enjoy yours.

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