The Lost Lover


The Lost Lover

On Weetabix Nine, a large and fertile planet in the Weetabix KX60 system, people don’t need legs.

And Mandy was a person at heart, if not in deed. For her well-known crimes of speedy mobility, she was painted a villain and glued to one spot.

Here she met, married and bore two children — both legless and plump, having her nose and the father’s complexion — by a man who unfortunately had the autoimmune-related skin disorder of invisibility.

Although Mandy never saw her husband, or heard his voice on account of deafness, she forcefully believed he was somewhere nearby and happy.

It’s been posited by the curious neighbors that neither the husband nor the children existed. At the time of this exhaustive documentation, no one had come forward to bear witness, and nothing could be verified.

Hey, that’s life on Weetabix Nine. Move on.



Written for Bluebell Books’ ongoing Short Story SLAM!:

Short Story Slam 8


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