Slow to Settle


U’r a blister bee’s
sting tip
speedy speedy
U go knots over rope
splatter spew
breakneck bumble
I’m still
drifting airborne
moth dust pensive
above ur
Irish-Italian wake
I’m spaced
in a queer angular
v e r i f y b0 X
quandary font
U’r burning wicks
4 candles yet made
cakes never mixed
sting tip shiver
a spirit new
My spirit’s ageless
angel of 248
Buzzy biz nil
lost the way knave
but I’m settling
and u’r dust bunnies
under passing boots


29 thoughts on “Slow to Settle

  1. Hi I am from Australia I have a few blogs I write about my dreams and about my creative thoughts from time to time. I also have a blog where I write problems I find on street like corruption and other similar issues. My blogs are at and have a look and it would be great if you can give me a feedback on what you think.
    Grace Monie (

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. I’d be happy to jump into Poetry Picnic next. Looks like a good theme.

      As for 248, it’s a reference to a TV show called Angel (1999 to 2004). It was the age of the main character.


    1. Thank you, Kathy. I’m glad. This meaning for knave seems so right for today; should be used more often. And going knots over rope was meant to be a seafaring reference, but gym class works too :).

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