One who remained one

By Anna Montgomery

I am not a mother
no blood baptized others
have passed through my earthly vessel
nor will I beget new mothers
a traitor of nature

No selfless sacrifices,
of a particular brand,
nor projected dreams
will trample the lives of tabula rasa others
my crimes have only been committed
against well matched partners

I’ve hoarded my ambitions
bet on my own race
to the exclusion of unformed others
an odd creature, they say,
this non-mother

History will judge
through the eyes of no relation
the worth of one who remained one
in light of the burgeoning population
I felt it was my ethical druthers

So that a thousand years from today
those millions of others
begotten of my children
won’t have consumed the world

Is their moral credit
for painful acts,
that bring the accusation of others?
labeled a disgrace
the rightful place claimed,
by the un-mother

12 thoughts on “One who remained one

    1. Thanks Kay, I have a more emotion and personal poem where I grieve about it called Sophia Celeste but this poem outlines the reasons for the decision and the social consequences. I appreciate your respect :).

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