Jo Co Do


I too live
life in bone
no marrow it
Steely grit yes
hollowed out now
tender from the pins

Yellow couch turning
on on the the roof roof
fire took it from homeless
we stoked it with junk noise

Filters fooled the onë
true-speaking in ageless
ideal bubbles, reflecting nil
Time ran along by giga leaps
tearing all to troubled thoughts

15 thoughts on “Jo Co Do

    1. Thank you, Nel. One man’s wordplay is another man’s work. And yes, glad you asked. Jo Co Do is the shorthand representation of my field of view while writing this poem. Joann Fabric, PetCo, and Dollar Tree. I often write poetry in parking lots, and the common things I see affect my writing. In this case, it is the sound of those three shortenings that matters the most. Jo. Co. Do. If you sort of chant them it equals the pacing of the oral version of the poem.


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