8:19 am, first day of classes

Poem by Gwenyth

i am lost
in this place i know too well
reading people i know not
drinking coffee from a cup
with my name on it
with books i don’t care for
but they’re all i got
so i read them anyway
(i never found the fiction
in that oversized library)
the curtains on the window
are black
there wasn’t enough white
fabric so the white goes on the closet
as if the green of the commons
pales to my haphazardly-combined
wardrobe of Goodwill clothes and hand-me-down shoes
email prayers sit unopened
not that my reading of them was that intense
i read, sympathize, and ask His will to rain down
for our asking is naive
and we could not possibly know
the peace-treaty cookies sit sterile
on my desk with the barriers
(ear plugs keep out a number of sins)
watching my fish
wondering if, and what
he thinks

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