Greeting Card Poetry Week – Thursday

Thursday’s Card: Monkeypox

It jumps not a fence
nor a hobbled stream,
hampered by erosion.
Only nerve junctions,
only arterial pathways,
in blood and raw rash.
It cuts back and forward
from animal to animal
at 45s like a cartoon crack,
ink pen sketched by hand,
till you’re drilled empty inside.

Best of luck fighting off your viral disease!


16 thoughts on “Greeting Card Poetry Week – Thursday

  1. Dr. Andrews prescribed luck, and had the nurse fold four leaf clovers into the patients’ paperwork; Dr. Bigsby prescribed paliative measures, and left revolvers on the examining table pillows, bullets in a nearby emesis basin.

  2. Very innovative – and there’s more going on in the metaphor than in the physiognomy – love the word interaction and the imagery. Also very cinematic. Well done and definitely unusual! Thank you, Gay

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