Ramasi’s Fife

Art by John Murphy

Come home now

Raise your eyes now
Call your power now

Don’t stay away

Don’t ignore us
Play your flute

It’s a time for standing now
not kneeling now

It’s time for fighting now

Grab the sky with your claws

Make it rain heaven’s blood

The red cells will wash us all

The white cells will cleanse

Heaven will die from the loss

And Earth will leap into Spring

your fife will nourish the rebirth


7 thoughts on “Ramasi’s Fife

  1. Ooooo, Daddee, alright!

    Rise, why don’t you!

    You know this is right up my alley, from the first stanza hooked, shaking and baying by the last.


    P.S. I tell ya, you are energetic, no kidding!

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