Theoretical Physics Fantasia

Theoretical Physics Fantasia
– Anna Montgomery

You enter my thoughts in a
rush of sensuous imagining
I hear you speak my name
with that gentle knowing tone

Energy flashes through my body
in waves of heat and longing
engulfed in the softness of
your tender touch arriving
creating such pleasure
from so very far away

A monumental attraction
inventing calculus to grasp it
each excitation mode a plucked string
ringing the notes of elemental particles

Tension in the string defined by alpha prime
a theory of quantum gravity
involving strong coupling constants
dilation of oscillating modes

Force and matter in supersymmetry
curve in the geometry of spacetime
where our lives intersect
Miles collapse, spirits intermingle

Deep level where the separation
between large and small distance scales
becomes fluid, alpha and omega
parallels the intimacy of souls

New dimensions of mystic bliss
intoxicating artistic flourishing
ecstasy entwining the core of being
expansion and contraction reaches the plateau

As supersymmetry breaks forth releasing creative force
awe, more than a million books could ever detail
fragments of delirium spinning into
a tapestry of mutual love

Light floods the rooms of the soul
we are everywhere and forever at once


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