Unknown Lady on a Train: A Word Sketch

A small town in the northwest
A picturesque train station in the town
A passenger train rolling up to the station
A lady with her chin lifted is sitting erect on the train
A determined hopefulness lifts the weary eyelids of the lady

A rumpled foreign newspaper lies partially open on the adjacent seat
A sensational headline—Tragedy strikes—dominates the exposed page in the newspaper
A foreign correspondent reporting the mysterious death of a wealthy Russian industrialist
A slim gloved hand sweeps the newspaper off the seat as the train stops at the station in the town


13 thoughts on “Unknown Lady on a Train: A Word Sketch

    1. Thank you. Hey, I’d love to talk about theater with you sometime. I wrote and directed a couple of one-acts in college and have always loved the medium. Let me know your thoughts 🙂

    1. Thank you, SLP. Sorry, I’m a little behind on comments the last couple of days. I do truly appreciate your reading and commenting on my poem. The gloved hand belongs to the unknown lady. She’s starting a new life in a new place, far from her past.

    1. Thank you. You dreamed my poem? How poetic 🙂 If you run, swing through Oregon and Washington. They’re good places to start over. You could slide into town on a train, and become someone new.

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