Kill is Kiss

Killing Kisses fall

Forget the word
words that shaped the week
meaning the word weak
Extract their form
meaning is from form
formed weakly forgetting
sound the same
K ill is K ing
letters the same
same as letters
etched by air muppets
voiceless mouths of air
capture us letters stealing

L is Felicia element Kelly
No meaning between letters
from sounds tethered
links lettered

The page is turn
The page is turn
page is turn
page is ing
page ing
paging is how it comes
paging is to come
word virus from
letters forming on tongue
crawling under cars
coming through windows
Influenza delivered by chords
it must fly the paging come
the outcome is come out
sideways greeting me bye bye
Babies talk true from inside
Kill us affectionately words
forget the word because
sense is weak
Make no is strength
Make no is turn
the sound is similar ing
page is turning my tide
shaping the weak



7 thoughts on “Kill is Kiss

      1. I’d love to hear it. Unfortunately, I don’t record well so there won’t be any Beth readings available. I have a stutter and although I control it most of the time, it invariably plagues me when recording.

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