nothing humane in humanity.

Cheri Anne (Fountains)

Disgusted with humanity. Not a shred left of the humane in this entire God-forsaken breed. Nothing is altruistic. Nothing is dignified.  Only self-preservation is sacred. We are pathetic. We are sloppy, dismal, repulsive parasites crawling in and out of each others’ lives leaving trails of slime and filth and heartache on whomever we touch, leaving insults and contempt wherever we go. We flop around like foul fish on one another’s bodies dropping beads of sweat and revolt on hungry faces and no one is ever satisfied. No taste or touch is love. Each movement is purely depraved instinct. Every drink, every clink of glasses is a contract, a consummation of who shall devour whom in a gluttonous, greedy attempt to eat or be eaten. Each kiss is trying to consume another being to aid in digestion of our own self-pity and acidic words and bitter disappointments of the past. We leave every plate empty, licked-clean, before piling onto another like flies on rotten meat. We lay our eggs of inadequacy there and overcome so-called human spirit by deplorable mutiny, infiltrating from within beginning with one’s heart. Tearing the flesh from inside out, we remove each others’ souls with our teeth, fingertips and false sentiments before moving in on another and another and another to ease our own pain and lamentable self-loathing. We cling to other beings, pulling them under to save ourselves. We writhe on top of them, smearing them with sorrows and tainting them with our shortcomings while filling them up with empty promises, selfish needs and our own clumsy, carnal atonements. And when we’re done and they’re dripping with our own worthlessness, we’re disgusted. We’re disgusted with the salty, used up, disdainful shell of a being we’ve drained dry and left hollow and lifeless. No one wants to fuck a carcass.


11 thoughts on “nothing humane in humanity.

    1. The inspiration may have come from the kind of soul searching that comes with one too many Captain and cokes. But the garden where this contempt grows is often weeded. I think that if a person can see the absolute worst in humanity and still find it in themselves to love at least one other person, there’s still hope yet.

  1. Self interest in preservation doesn’t imply meditated depravity, just instinct. But in a world where most of us don’t have to fight for our lives and many of us have surpluses of resources, it is rather revolting that we’re so greedy. Your writing is very very good and it touches some raw nerves.

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