Summer Loving Torture Party on the Beach

“We can say we invented a summer loving torture party”
Lemonworld, Berninger & B. Dessner

Oxygenate my pores, her warm breath
brings fresh blood to rope worn skin
covering me in crimson

I’ll cover her in crimson too
like chips and dips balanced
with our whips and chains
on a bamboo Tuscano tray

All this my body rides against her’s
pressed to sand and saltwater
polishing the grains of time
into museum quality glass

Stankard is blown for useful decoration
like a human body at once utilitarian
cosmopolitan and grown ornamental
a mystery of fertile decay seeding pain
Heat her glass, rolling it over my steel
Shape her glass in the sunshine moment
Break her glass over the roots of need

My mind’s kidnap victim, kindness
takes a backseat to cleaver cruelty
which rides shotgun to our pleasure
popping rogue chemical compounds
needle kiss lip quench spark thunder
Let’s get this _____ started

The surf is big building energy
into motor-driven nail clippers
rolling beyond the breakers
bathing in the crimson tide
The neighbors we’ve pegged
for the creatures they’ve fed
to the summer loving torture _____

Wheels turn tremble bliss nipple clips
to century’s e-blanket deep dive shock
It’s us sprung sunset to sunset screaming
friction building to a latent sigh



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