Fitful Machinations

human tendency toward pareidolia
imperfect processors with selection bias
questing for an oracle of algorithms
     vermillion trims inked thunder clouds
     borne on the wings of an indigo whirlwind
     suspended under a curved, knowing moon

employing filters of experience
episodic memory and esoteric knowledge
signals inducing apophenia reveal the writer invariant:
     ill omen stretches across the fierce sky
     fear tinged gales roar through the brush

subversive hallucinatory crippled vessels
express substantive poetic egests
masking irreplaceable profundities
     impinging upon my dearest held dignity
     drawing closer to the precipice of despair

vast realms where subsurface structure
imaged by depth migration,
pinned in opposition, unearth borderline worlds
     the gnosis of heaven’s blue flash illuminates
     telepathic indications of your desires
     you who remain unknowable, unseen

interwoven jostled oubliettes, traipsing ladders
twining implosions arch upon the oeuvre
ignite nesting charges of gravitas
     why should your beauty hide its face?
     inscribing symbols upon my flesh
     entwining visions of ecstatic sensations

atomic breakdowns, each quark mensurated,
logical, sequential march of words across the page
semantics to syntax; morpheme to phoneme
     scaling granite heights, insurmountable distances
     imparting visions of moonlit grandeur

reductionist views war with ecosystemic chaos
illuminating order, obscuring complexity, wrenching thought
reducing all to dissolution or elevating to gestalt
     upon this grove of tranquil paths towards you
     water rains ablutions on a gothic dream

all matters of poetry’s quiddity
hoisted upon philosophical backtracking
accelerating psycholinguistics’ dilatory insights
     purity calms storms in the long-protracted war
     its alchemical dimensions denaturing

neolingual adventures of xenologic etiquette
capacious borders, expand the possible
positing language determines the nature of thought

     I am an echo in the caverns, stealthily passing
     fading murmurs trace interstices
     within this cauldron of mountains
     as through this horrific, tempestuous hour
     revivifying whispers of me reach you


41 thoughts on “Fitful Machinations

  1. all matters of poetry’s quiddity
    hoisted upon philosophical backtracking
    accelerating psycholinguistics’ dilatory insights…. that… and…I am an echo in the caverns, stealthily passing.. the words find their way sometimes through strange channels and who can tell exactly how it happens…

  2. see now here is the anna i am used to…haha…and i had to bring my dictionary….really glad i lookedup pareidolia because those first three lines rock and hold truth for sure…there are some really wicked lines in this anna…i hear your whispers…smiles.

  3. oh my. i had to read this and re-read it to absorb it all, and i think i will have to come back again. so many wonderful words, making such wonderful music. i love the way you combine sound and meaning, and i love the voice within a voice here, sing song and subconscious.
    your echo tells the story of humanity.
    and as i told you, while i was sitting here reading this, a thunderstorm just outside my window. perfect.

    1. Thank you Kelly, the italicized bits were inspired by Shelley’s The Rosicrucian and I felt helped reinforce the more experimental parts. I appreciate your reread as I hope the experimental pieces require them to allow meaning, association, and interpretation to blossom. How appropriate you have a thunderstorm to keep you company :).

  4. Anna- where the hell do you get your words! Really love the two voices within this…the scientific/mathematic vs the more emotive and ethereal….maybe like the thunder and the the lightning – although I’m fantastic at missing the point- this made me think about Frankenstein – like the the lightning creating the more lucid and loving voice…..I’m surenimmwrong….but to just even let these words roll through my small brain was very very cool

    1. Stu, magnificent where your mind went with this, awfully clever interpretation! I have a deep and abiding love affair with language so I keep polishing up and setting these words like gemstones hoping someday, someone will love them enough to use them, to make them their own :).

  5. neolingual adventures of xenologic etiquette
    capacious borders, expand the possible
    positing language determines the nature of thought

    There is so much here Anna. I had to read and re-reread it and I am still not sure that I got it all. But these lines stood out for me. I often wonder as our vocabulary shrinks, whether our grey cells do too–

  6. Phew! Glad I have a dictionary app on my phone! Everyone has their own interpretation of lightning – I very much like the diction of yours. “Borne on the wings of an indigo whirlwind suspended under a curved, knowing moon” … loved the image that those lines created.

  7. There is absolutely no one I know who can approach your level of techno-linguistic pyrotechnics …And even then, this poem raises that bar!

    1. Well, other than this being my favorite compliment 🙂 you’ve made my evening with techno-linguistic pyrotechnics (sending shivers through the neural pathways and fun to say aloud)!

  8. fantastic write Anna. I’ve been having sleeping issues again, and thought I’d get on line earlier in the evening again, but fell asleep and just woke up about half hour ago, and was going to just sleep for the night, but something told me to get on line…so far I’ve read 3 brilliant poems, this the best I’ve read in days. I remember you using shelley in a prior work a few months back, love the way you remixed it this time, sometimes where on a page and how the words are issued carry a strength of it’s own right. Word choice, fantastic as usual, being a bit groggy as you can imagine, I’ll have to look up a couple words, yep just 2 lol but not telling which ones lol But I think, what I like most here, is how you prove once again the strength of selection and what impact these choices can play within a poem, both linguistically and metaphorically. On top of this, the way the words line up, creates a natural sweeping movement in at least a few places, then settle in for a regroup. Great piece. Thanks

    1. Of course there were only 2 :D, one day I’ll really stump you with 3 or 4 LOL! The poem would probably have to include some neologisms to make it more challenging. Yes, this is the same Shelley piece, Tempestuous Hour, rearranged and slightly rewritten, recombined with parts of an experimental work initially titled Endophytic Incursions. All revised to create a wholly new creature. Always a joy to receive your feedback Fred, thank you :).

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