Jesse S. Mitchell


Me and you & Tippecanoe and Tyler too.
Goldilocks and Styrofoam & no dial tone on the phone.


Alien fire and flesh made real & stripped bald tires and our common weal
Stone and steal, baby iron & vicious ore smoldering underground.
A caduceus bound and two blue flames leaping,
From just one spark, this one charmed and that one dark


Alive and carrying on & naked earth and sally forth & bring back more
Dusty droughts and superstores.
Empty nests and empty masts & inside outs and rummage sales.
Grand Moff Tarkin and Fairy tales.


Razor knives chipped and blunt & yellow yield lights and motorcycle stunts.
Pulling away in clouds of dust & heavy eye makeup and plastic busts,
Manifest destiny and corn belts and bible belts and rust.


Creciendo tan rapido & sin tener en cuenta el pasado.
Splitting its seams, a rollicking dream
A wonderland, a delicate lick, a candle flick,
A sideroad stand, a blaring train whistle, a cat call,


Brambles and thistle, vacant lots and convention halls.
Entered into history, a semi-fictional story
A twist ending and mad rush hurry, no time lost forgiven.
Breathing and eating & makin’ a living.


Mirari bat


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