The Sea is Us

The sea is us.
It’s in our blood.
We came from it,
Out of the mud.
It’s in our eyes,
And in our skin.
The same chemistry within.
From Earth we came.
To it we go.
Like the tide we ebb and flow.
And just like us,
Earth has a heart.
Never stopping once it starts.
It is the sea.
Like symmetry,
I’m made of it.
It’s made of me.


2 thoughts on “The Sea is Us

    1. Thanks! It occurred to me during a recent trip to the coast. Our blood is the same salt content as the sea water. I know this sounds all hippy-dippy, but sometimes we forget how connected and intertwined we are to the Earth. I mean, we actually did come from it. We’re made of the same stuff.

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