Time Pieces

Crazy unpredictable weather

makes tongues dance with dread

Is it the ice age or the melt down

Her gaze directs me across the room

lips mime-counting my silent steps

As others intone the warm December

I stand next to the two-meter Morbier

Her eyes compare me to its shape

a clock, slim and tall, tallying time

We wait with iced drinks in hand

for the minutes to pass toward midnight

Oh, meteorology with its gallows’ precision

let us wake once more revived and breathing

Delicate compass-like hands go pushing on

matching the changing shadows on my face

Her eyes read my internal mechanisms

heart thug-beating the last seconds away

We raise our glasses with Swiss precision

and close our eyes one last time



3 thoughts on “Time Pieces

  1. Let’s play Apocalypse Roulette! Guess our demise and win big! Ice Age, Melt Down, Solar Winds, or perhaps Polar Shift. No matter what fate awaits us there’s a shitstorm of craziness headed our way.

    (Oh dear, inspiration crashes like lightening. I have to finish this one before the Apolalypse arrives…)

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