Apocalypse Roulette

There are websites with handy
safety tips.

For surviving the coming

That moment we all dread
and fear.

It’s fast approaching,
nearly here.

But no one seems to know
just how.

Just that it’ll happen
any day now.

Perhaps the Apocalypse
will come,

From Space, the Solar

The end of all our hopes
and cares,

Will be the solar winds
and flares.

It’s anyone’s guess what fate
awaits us.

Maybe someone just really
hates us.

Therefore, should we bother
asking why?

Either way we’ll freeze
or fry.

No one can stop it, not you
nor me.

So I say, fuck it. Let’s have
an orgy.


2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Roulette

    1. I think that the Solar Maximum, in addition to being a great band name, is the only “doomsday” theory that has any merit to it. Bombardment from charged solar particles is a real danger that could knock out our communication satellites and cause other problems.

      I recently had a conversation with a cousin about the 2012 Apocalypse. He had seen on some History Channel program that the magnetic poles of the earth can flip flop instantaneously, and that this will cause violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In reality geomagnetic reversals, so called “polar shifts” take thousands of years to occur and I’m not sure if they affect the tectonic forces of the earth in any way. There’s a lot of this kind of misinformation out there. My cousin isn’t stupid (much). Just misguided.

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