Black Ships

Ajax, please, never let us forget

the shadows of crooked lowlifes

watch over us wherever we go

Don’t bother writing this down

it’s a memory trick to store it away

in more important places than mere

postscript dialog scrawlings


Licks from hot ice-pop crescendos

modifying the modernist moment

only mirrors in front of film cameras

your words pierce the moving image

as light enables dull artistic vision

so the message is often disguised

like the indifferent mirror image itself

yet its bounce is soothingly familiar


Your staged patriarchal blueprinting

formed but a ragged documentation

be it all the smoking remainder

of those black ships before Troy

(those rapacious tyrants of always)

burned but inevitably salvageable

on our vast horizon, so as we grok

the distant past is the near future

a meaningless understanding of nil

to be repeated as if we can’t remember

having loosed the first arrow, Ajax



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