Leaving America

That’s it!
I’m leaving this country!
People tend to say this a lot,
Especially around elections.
But most of the time they’re just words.
They’d never dream of actually leaving.
Canadian immigration agents,
Do get a lot of calls,
From disgruntled Americans.
Though, most of them just want to chat.
Deep down they already know,
It wouldn’t be any better there.
Better than what, though?
It’s all relative.
So, how many people do you know,
Who are actually living,
The life of the expatriate?
There aren’t that many of us.
We have a different perspective,
On things like elections, and taxes,
And gas prices and all the things,
Most often complained about.
It’s hard not being glib,
When everything in America,
Is so convenient and cheap,
And they don’t realize it.
But then again, how could they?
They’ve got no basis for comparison.
As someone who did leave America,
I’ll let you in on a little secret.
After you leave,
It’s the little things you miss the most.
The things you take totally for granted.
That’s why when my friends in America,
Say they can’t think of a single thing,
For which to be thankful,
I remind them to be thankful,
That they can buy beer,
After six in the evening,
And at the supermarket.


6 thoughts on “Leaving America

  1. I did like how easy it was to buy beer when I finally visited the US this summer. And while I don’t know about better, it is definitely different here in Canada!

    1. Canada is different, for sure. When I visited British Columbia, I surprised that I couldn’t buy a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer at the supermarket.

      At least it made more sense when the Democrats were saying they were moving to Canada after Bush’s re-election in 2004.

      I live in Sweden and I see complaints all the time on the various expat message boards from Americans, Brits, etc, who come here expecting it to be “better” and are then disappointed that it’s not more like home.

        1. Believe it or not, I like the weather. I like how there are four very distinct seasons of the year here. Sweden is a very beautiful country as well, with forests, lakes, mountains, beaches, and tiny little islands.

          There’s also the free health care and free college tuition.The Swedish government takes care of its citizens. Of course many Americans don’t want or need to be taken care of, but I think it’s a good thing. Taxes are high but it’s money well spent. You get a lot of return on the money you pay in taxes.

          1. People say that Canada is beautiful but I think many European and Asian landscapes are much lovelier. I might study in BC next year and get a small taste of mountains and lakes.
            As an econ student (and one going into debt for tuition…) I’m glad you mentioned Sweden’s social policies! I’m very jealous of the system you guys have. It seems like every public dollar goes a bit farther than in Canada

  2. Sweden is probably the most socially democratic and egalitarian country in Europe, though they’ve made a few changes recently. At the moment only EU citizens or permanent residents can study for free. Everyone else has to pay tuition. This was implemented only a year or two ago,

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