Today, I shaved my head
But it wasn’t as ugly an endeavor
As I had anticipated
Hair is the only skin
One can cut
Without indictment
And razors scraping against capillaries
Is a comforting way
To exercise control
My face seems to be feminine enough
To support the androgyny of hairlessness
So what I thought would be sacrifice
Turned into a showing of power
There is nothing frivolous here
No space for anything but movement
For workouts that hurt
For curves of bone that show beneath skin
I had the motive
And opportunity
To use those blades for something altogether
More sinister

But I didn’t.



2 thoughts on “Shaved

  1. Great piece, especially the last two or three lines. 🙂 I also shaved my head once. It was an extraordinarily liberating experience, something that I think every woman should do at lease once in her lifetime.

    You know I once wrote a piece called “Shaved,” but about an entirety different subject. In fact, when I saw yours I thought for a second that I might have posted mine here and forgotten I did it:

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