Arab Spring

Short Poetry, Islam, Politics, Women, Revolution


It’s a revolt.
A revolution.

And in the name of God, they are building

And delivering doctors,
Door to door.

They are conveying the message that,
People care,

And no one is forgotten.

Assistance is distributed fairly but cameras,
In some areas,

Are not welcome.

Someone hoists a burning American Flag that,
Must be made from something other than cloth,

Because it melts,
And the smoke is acrid,

And the sputtering fireballs,
Showering the crowd below,

Will scar beyond repair.

The woman who does not want to talk about it,
Has been warned.

She has been told,

Is everything,
And so, she must shut up.

And Tunisia, and Egypt, and Syria, and Libya,
Will have to keep hoping,

That Allah,
Is not a man in uniform,


♦picture – Radu Sighet for REUTERS


One thought on “Arab Spring

  1. Kenny… my heart is drawn to thoughts of you today. I’ve looked for and cannot find you at your blog. So I continued on down the list Google provided and found you here. I do hope you will be in contact with me again. Why, I’m not yet certain, perhaps because the CBC is discussing Rwanda today… perhaps because I hear rumours of other trouble elsewhere in Africa, perhaps because of some of the mess of EC Church in the USA…but I’m sure it will be evident in time. How are you brother? Lesley-Anne (Buddy Breathing)

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