No Adjective

The way I feel,
No adjective.
I need a pill,
A sedative.
Before I lose my
Will to live.
I’m running out of
Shits to give.


5 thoughts on “No Adjective

    1. The very phrase “happy spindle sparkles” puts me in a good mood. 😀 Yesterday really was the Day From Hell, though. Today was much better.

      1. I’m glad. Crazy weather day here in Gig Harbor. Hail, sun, rain, wind, and multi-phasic isotopes. I’m trying to finish five poems that have been swirling in the stew. So, a good day too.

        1. We were greeted with icy wind and snow on this, the first day of spring. Lovely.

          Good luck with the poetry finishing. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had the time to write down my poetic swirlings. And then when I have a moment, I’ve forgotten them. Usually they reform, though.

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