Just Look Pretty

They are CEOs.
Founders of tech companies.
Innovators in their fields.
Software developers.
Game designers.
Intelligent, confident,
And formidable.

Oh, and they’re all
Highly Fuckable.

Having been featured on the
40 Hottest Women in Tech list.

How proud she must be.
To be singled out
As intelligent,
And successful,
And a hot MILF?

Gosh, after all that,
You mean,
I’m still pretty?

What an honor.


2 thoughts on “Just Look Pretty

    1. Oh, there must be. And also a “40 Hottest Women in Kindergarten Teaching” list.

      Apparently the writer who took the assignment apologized for writing such a blatantly sexist article and said that he only did it for the money.

      He doesn’t actually agree with the idea that successful executives and engineers, who also happen to be female, should be featured in an article in a tech blog that is far more concerned with their degree of physical attractiveness, than about their careers in tech.

      Added to that: some of these 40 hottest women weren’t really in tech at all. Some just had a website which wasn’t necessarily related to tech, such as a fashion website. Others merely hosted a show about tech.

      One of those featured, Anita Sarkeesian, has her own web series on YouTube called Feminist Frequencies, on which she discusses issues such as the unrealistic ways women are portrayed in popular culture. I’m sure she was absolutely thrilled to learn that she was featured on a list of the 40 hottest women in tech.

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