The Oceans of Las Vegas

Kevin Bacon Bicycle


The Oceans of Las Vegas

 This is the bargain, yeah?

You’ve got packages and notes

I’ve got pedals and wheels

So, let’s make some sugar Babies

a business coupling of commerce

It’s gonna be called, get this:

Kevin Bacon Bicycle Messenger Service

You run the nets and the phones

get your biz bros online, darling

Queue them, hook them, dial them in

I’ll crank the sprockets for our bike rockets

We’ll create what isn’t there already

Oceans of Trade & Transit all lit up

like Las Vegas

Start swimming, I’m bringing the cats

Traders on the high seas—spices and dyes

only our waves are paved; our sails by Chrome

Fix the gears! Skid the tires! Hash tag it thusly:

#KevinBaconBicycle #SixDegreesofDelivery

Now … about the startup money….



4 thoughts on “The Oceans of Las Vegas

    1. Quicksilver. The best bicycle messenger movie of all time. That and the tie in with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon as a metaphor for the interconnectivity of the “human message”, or the universal need for quick, clear communication.

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