my forgiveness

an eel
like quilts in the heavens
and swooping down
conforming to my 10-year-old frame
pinning me to the ground
its stitches suffocating me
until my feet are clasped
and pulled free
only to set my religious-commune dress
sky-fish gnash their teeth
to save myself
i kill the arsonist
the sins of the children
must be eradicated
so on my trip
to the natural-grown gallows
i take my flowing braids
and tie them round a stone
to take to the wrinkle-laden matriarch
begging that she take my sin-laced stone
and plead with heaven for my forgiveness
my last errand done
i climb the tree
clasp the noose of pearls
round my virgin throat
mother superior wheezes
no forgiveness
that isn’t deserved
my stone sinks in the sea


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