Homicidal Cat

My cat may be trying to kill me.
I was lying there in bed,
When all of a sudden,
The reading lamp landed,
Inches from my head.
Could it be revenge you seek,
For visiting the vet last week?
More likely you want,
Your food increased.
But how am I supposed,
To feed you,
If I’m lying here deceased?


5 thoughts on “Homicidal Cat

    1. Haha…thanks! I don’t think she intentionally knocked the lamp over since she’s so fat and clumsy.

      …or did she???

  1. Maybe the cat eats you after you are dead. Tidy… I leave tax forms out for my cats to take care of. Maybe yours just need a similar diversion.

    1. Apparently, your cat will eat you if it finds you dead at home.”Where’s the food, human? Oh well, I guess I’ll eat the human instead…”

      I recall an episode of ‘Bones’ where a body had been found partially eaten by stray cats.

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