Lost in Transit

Three weeks past the vernal.
The sun shines faithfully,
But barren winter lingers.
Stubbornly prolonging dormancy.
Still feeding on the decay,
Of the previous year.
Not a blade of grass grows,
Nor any flower blooms.
Skeleton trees stand naked,
And leafless in the wind.
Predominant brown denies green.
The flight of spring, delayed.
Though more likely cancelled.


8 thoughts on “Lost in Transit

        1. I saw on your gravatar that you’re an American in exile in Sweden, just like me. What are the odds?

          I’ve also got a Swede. I’ve been living in Sweden for over seven years, last five in Gothenburg. Sweden a great place to write poetry, isn’t it? It inspires.

          1. I think it has a magical feel I seriously expect there to be trolls and fairies in the forest lol I haven’t been to Gothenburg but that is one of those places I must see! I have been here for 4 years. How did you meet your Swede? I met mine online when I was 18, just out of high school.

  1. I also met mine online, but I was almost thirty then. I was living in Japan and teaching English there. Eventually I quit my job and moved to Sweden.

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