He Lies There

With fight or flight extinguished,
He lies there with nothing.
Only the oblivion of sedation.
But I wonder, what does he see,
In between morphine drips?
Are his dreams filled with impressions,
Of smoke and firecrackers,
Abstract spatters of red paint,
And half remembered panic and fear?
Does he feel the same terrible,
Deep black sadness that I feel?
Or does he just lie there with nothing?


7 thoughts on “He Lies There

    1. Thank you, that really means a lot. I’ve been thinking over these last couple of days about how to put my feelings into words. It was really hard, but I think I’ve done it.

      (I edited my comment for reasons of self-restraint.)

      1. You have done an amazing job. I don’t usually tackle tragedies of this caliber in my own work because there is so much I can’t know and don’t understand. It makes me very sad too =(

        1. Hey, no worries. You didn’t know I was going to edit my comment. I just read it over and realized that it wasn’t really wanted to say. I don’t sympathize with the bomber at all, even if he is just a stupid kid. It kind of sounded like I did, though.

          1. I understand. What he did was wrong despite any extenuating circumstances and yet I am the sort to dig around in the circumstances, trying to make sense of madness.

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