Chromed Leaf


Chromed Leaf


meta girl by k shawn edgar


Meta girl

teeth blades

came out


What’s behind

her fragile smile

surveying culture

new American psychos


Blood as catalyst

soaking popular art

while axing questions

no one wants to answer

only watching the messenger

make sweet love to the message

containing a gestalt like perception

elevating organized destruction


The veiled under-eyes

eyes peeping from behind

eject the eyeballs we see

when carpus becomes metacarpus

becomes itchy little digits

The fingers that are Fingers

pointing to the form that grows

from out of the visible flesh


It’s the beautiful nether skin

under the fragile lipped girl

my teeth blades crave

my teeth blades covet

my outer shell rejects

what my brain’s brain

needs most


9 thoughts on “Chromed Leaf

  1. Three strikes in a row in blowing (oops…bowling) is called a turkey, I think.

    My brain’s brain…that’s so meta, dude.

    1. Three strikes in a row in blowing is called a fail 🙂 Thanks for seeing my meta-ness, dude, we’re on the same plain (or plane, maybe). I gotta go bowling and try to get a turkey. Needs turkey!

      1. how does one meet meaty not meta females ? Funerals ? Not the deaders , but the ones glad to be alive.

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