We’re in the scrapping phase of moving.
Three dimensional Billy bookshelf
Returns to its natural flat-pack state.
This shelf is now deconstructed, he said.
You mean disassembled, I said. Deconstruction
Is a concept associated with literary analysis.
I prefer deconstructed, he replied.
Damn, I never thought of it that way before.
But we’re not really disassembling our lives.
Rather, we are analyzing each object
According to its value, sentimental or otherwise.
Deciding what we keep and what we discard.
Disregarding or forgetting our intentions
We ask ourselves why the hell
We bought that thing in first place.
What could we possibly have been thinking?
Therefore, moving really is more like deconstruction.
After all, we are writing off that piece of crap.


5 thoughts on “Deconstruction

  1. Whether disassembly or deconstruction,
    Not quite as fun as it might seem,
    Though worth every turn of screw and sweat,
    To relocate your house and dream,
    I know just why I’d like to get,
    My hands on a Star Trek transport beam.

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