Rouse the Rabble

Regardless of belief or cause,
Be it Anti-War or Unjust Laws,
Free Enterprise or Communist,
Today’s the day to raise a fist!
And help improve our situation,
With some old school demonstration.
It likely will not help or harm,
If nothing else, just raise alarm.
So rouse the rabble! Make ’em care,
About what’s happening out there.


5 thoughts on “Rouse the Rabble

    1. There are lots of demonstrations happening here at the moment. They’ve even shut down public transport in downtown Gothenburg because of them.

      1. Really? I have been sick trapped indoors, mostly in bed and my 5 year old daughter exclusively watches the kid’s channel I have no idea whatever what is going on anywhere, not even in my own head at the moment.

        1. You’ll figure it out. Poets always do. 🙂

          I’m not actually marching though. I’m moving on Saturday so I’m packing, packing, packing.

          Actually, I’m procrastinating….

          1. I hate moving, unpacking is sort of enjoyable for a while, because everything is so clean and fresh packing just sucks. Hubbie and I are looking for a new place and while I look forward to having more space (now we are sardines in a can) I do not look forward to the moving process! Good luck to you =)

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