I’m Afraid You’re Stuck With Me

You could drive a stolen car,
Decide to become a porn star.
Or get a nice porn star tattoo,
On some hidden part of you.
You could listen to James Blunt,
Join the Judean People’s Front.
You could start to collect guns,
Join a convent full of nuns.
You could even vote Republican,
And I still would be your friend.


9 thoughts on “I’m Afraid You’re Stuck With Me

    1. Hehe…thank you! This is an older piece. I was looking through some of the stuff I’d written over the past year and I found this gem.

  1. Also, just FYI, I have expanded the list of music to which one could listen, and our friendship would still be intact, to include the works of Nickleback and Coldplay. Though the committee hasn’t yet made a decision about Justin Bieber.

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