They never listen…*sigh*

A Warning

Every time you plagiarize,
God pokes out a kitten’s eyes.
Okay, that may be slightly flawed,
For those who don’t believe in God.
But, pass some old ideas as yours,
And you’ll break out in open sores.
To cheat or not to cheat. I know,
How tempting it can be, and so,
Just understand if you get caught,
I’ve warned you quite an awful lot.
So don’t try cheating in this course,
Or you’ll be flunked with no remorse.

Please, think of the kittens.


5 thoughts on “They never listen…*sigh*

  1. I am paranoid about plagiarizing maybe you read something years ago it pops into brain and you don’t know where it came from as with your own ideas I worry myself sick over it I sometimes even reread everything I have recently read if I even suspect the idea is suspicious and still without knowing it and perhaps even without ever having read it I bet we sometimes do use a similar phrase or expression. Oh it drives me barmy especially since I have a severely impaired memory

    1. There is a very fine line between plagiarism and a well-researched piece of work. All you have to do is cite your sources. 🙂

      1. I understand what you are saying but I think I confused you lol I am afraid of the accidental, unintentional sort of thing. I feel like everything we say must have been said or thought by someone else somewhere at some point in time

        1. I see what you’re saying. Maybe there are no truly original thoughts due to the fact that we Homo Sapiens with our big brains thinking big thoughts have been around for a very long time.

          1. I will keep writing as if there were original thoughts, as if I have something to say in a way not yet expressed but I will probably remain paranoid and simultaneously consoled by my connection and humanness lol

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