Life Lovelies


Wish to never end a connection trilling true

twine gold the fiber with strength like fingers

over our spectrum of florescent floater scopes

Rapping taut drum skins voice lasting signal

you’ll never know a teaming of toe and tooth

until shyness fades and needs deepen devour

swallowing whole our carbon-based life lovelies

Eat up the neighbors, doll; eat up the bosses too

Animal skins or refrigerator doors, all go same

Both conceal nourishment for healthy living


4 thoughts on “Life Lovelies

  1. Whoa! This is a mindbender of a poem. I love your generous sprinkling of gorgeous words in this. Would never have found you if not for Poets United, and so to them I am grateful. Your vocabulary is tremendous, and there’s also a sort of steampunk element to eating your bosses… BRILL. Amy

    1. Hey, thank you. I like the details in your comment. It’s good to get specific feedback about my poetry. A steampunk element? Yeah, I think so too. I hope you’ll come back and enjoy the other writers at CNP. Cheers to Poets United for uniting us!

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