I lick the lies from your smile

Lips retreating into a bated

Silence, eyes migrating, aloof

The Devil puts on his coat, it’s

Winter now, the day I thought

Would never come, the final

Farewell of a promised love


Submission for

Poet’s United


31 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Loved the way you expressed this. “The devil puts on his coat” – WOW! So hard when love departs and puts such a chill in the air.

          1. LOL….they SHOULD be.
            I’m going through this with a couple people right now.
            Purging the toxic…or the useless…can be therapeutic, but also sad, watching them live on in the distance.

          2. I will go one believing they are and giving of myself even if I get hurt because it is worth it but damn it hurts!!

            I am sorry to hear it, I like to say when their toxic that you will feel fantastic afterwards but it isn’t that easy I feel guilt about relationships ending no matter how unhealthy, I know it was the right chose but guilt is very stubborn. You still miss certain things but on the rare occasions I have ended something it has been the right choice, the only choice for my continued survival

  2. Sometimes it is put upon us to declare ourselves free from emotional servitude and you express this so very well, concisely, with hesitant conviction! Wow, great write!

    1. Thank you very much Scott, concise has always been a challenge for me (I am verbose naturally) it is why I took up haiku and why I enjoy working with short poems trying to pack as much in as few lines as possible

  3. The poem made me feel chilly and I guess it was meant too – so very nicely done. I love the imagery particularly the devil putting on a coat.

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