We slept night after night untouched, I am

Haunted by the somnolent descent of your

Steps easing down the stairs. On the nightstand

A note that smells of carnations, of funeral ablutions,

Of farewells folded carefully, I can imagine your

Scalpel-edged tongue licking the resinous lips of

A dimensionless lover, sealing our fate with a polite

Frown, no tears forthcoming from ducts welded shut.


You have never spoken a word without dissecting

Like a drain you wait until were drowning in dirty

Water to say anything, pulling the filth from your

Throat slowly as if it would ease my trepidation

I let you leave, immobilized by the guilt of our

Unmet needs. I wanted so much to love you

Valiantly but the fortress of your soul was too

Difficult to climb, excuse me but I don’t think

We’ve met so why are you wearing my heart?


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