Missing Pieces

I was damaged,
When I came to you.
Cracked and broken.
You reassembled me.

Though, there were
A few parts,
That you didn’t,
Particularly like.

So, I cut them off,
And gave you what was left.
A sadder version of me,
Missing a few pieces.

Not what you had in mind.
You never wanted,
Just fragments of me.
But every detail.

Defective or not.

10 thoughts on “Missing Pieces

    1. Thank you. It’s been a couple of weeks since I split up with my boyfriend. It was mutual and amicable, but we’re still trying figure out how it all went wrong.

        1. Yeah, it really does. I’m now considering repatriating to the United States. Actually, I’m considering all the options.

  1. your lines are inventive and brave. they are weighted beautifully by sadness, yet hope offers them wings. tony

        1. Aww..thanks again. 🙂 I took my time writing this, to make sure that every word was what I really wanted to say.

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