I resent you

For being bigger than us

For leaving me behind

I, who have stood

With my heart unhinged

That you might

Lay your soul

When in need of rest


We met in the catacombs

Amongst a brethren dead

Morbid in our sickness

No judgment rendered

Despite stunning faults


I never meant

That this embrace

Should tether

That my doubts

Should bar

Your passage out

I never meant

That I should be

Your greatest weakness

But here I am

Unable to do without


I watched you decompose

Same as I

I watched you fester

Deep inside

Stripped the suicide

From your lungs

I would never let you die


I believed

Fueling your veins

With my blood

I believed

Resurrecting your hopes

From the ether

That together we were

A force of good


I resent my impotence

That I kept excavating

From between fractured ribs

Until there was nothing

Left for me to become


I love you most of all

More than words

Which are everything

In this final hour

Betrayed by my very purpose

I can only ineptly say

Stay and render us immortal

There is no one else who fits

Not for you or I

I know that we are meant

Despite the obstacles

We can overcome


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