Her Blind-Spot Detective


When it all occurs, the happy animals run around the planet

feeling good because their fruity insides are same outside

matched one for one, power for stability, resources for consumables


She can’t see this earthly carnival, mind focused on ugly mundane

Our sunlight blows with power of straight lines, reflective shine

as wind trucks, buffeting us with billows’ wings, puffing itself fresh

She’s a curved surface, turning in on itself; all up energy cloaked


So I shuttle a message toward her resulting black hole boundaries


You’re human, and you’ve skin. And skin isn’t perfect; it’s true


Look at each spot of life you see with five different eyes—combine

the overlapping, deep defining holistic picture—it’s truest, lovely

Trust, I’m your gutter rainbow detective; your blind-spot private dick

Pump me up and I’ll track your lost highways, star-speckled home


Until you run again with the fruity, happy animals around the planet

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