echoes from black coffee reflections


a pair of brown-tint eyes glint
in the swaying surface
of coffee, returning my hazel gaze
before surrendering life force
to my caffeine starved lips

bitter earth blends with morning breath
as mug-warmed fingers rub leftovers
from puffy tearducts
and knots left by a thousand threads
counting restless sheep

all too real
visions fade like incongruous years
to I-can’t-remember
except for the haunting sound
of a bleating wolf

Image: Adamo Photography


4 thoughts on “echoes from black coffee reflections

  1. Elegant title, elegant poem. This exemplified how one can capture the finer shades of meaning by showing instead of telling. In the end, the mood does something bigger than tell a story, it creates possibilities for everything that is not said.

    I just followed you and I look forward to reading more. Hope you stay inspired and keep writing. 🙂

  2. I had some dreams….

    I love the layers of sadness and sleeplessness in this piece. It says so much, with so little.

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