Rialto Kill

Image of Rialto in Tacoma
“Rialto” by K. Shawn Edgar 2013


Rhoda Buzzhem is standing watch

dealing cards and taking shots

A Rialto bartender with secrets

Rhoda’s a timberline hiker, birdwatcher

a daydream thinker, who likes dirty talk


Nights like this, find her at the Rialto

working her grizzle biz, crushing ice and

chopping pineapple with a big-ass knife

Her smoke signals do the real hard talking

Speaking of stealth in steely undertones

with a silent angel of death halo gleaming


It’s a burn hammer; a nod-smile-blink veneer

that shows pool, darts and dancing up front

while stinger missiles are for sale out back

Rhoda Buzzhem backs your personal, portable

surface-to-air self-defense culture choices


When drinks over games, under disco lights

are no longer enough, and our show collapses

the jackboots will trot our cobblestones while

the blacked out helicopters swoop our rooftops

So pay the lovely Ms Buzzhem a casual visit

She’s always at the Rialto bar, watching out

for your needful eye


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